Marriott 职业

Dir. of Food & Beverage餐饮总监

上海, 中国


职位发布 Sep 27, 2019
职位编号 19135761
工作类别 餐饮服务和烹饪
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, the intersection of Langao Road and Tongchuan Road,, 上海, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 Renaissance Hotels
编制 全职
职位类型 管理人员





Functions as the strategic business leader of the hotel's food and beverage operation/culinary, including Restaurants/Bars, Room Service and Banquets/Catering, where applicable. Position oversees the development and implementation of departmental strategies and ensures implementation of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives. The position ensures the food and beverage/culinary operation meets the brand's target customer needs, ensures associate satisfaction, and focuses on growing revenues and maximizing the financial performance of the department. As a member of the Executive Committee, develops and implements hotel-wide strategies that deliver products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the brand's target customer and property associates and provides a return on investment to the owner and Marriott International.


Specific DUTIES:


1. Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents in English.

2. Oral Comprehension - The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.

3. Customer and Personal Service - Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

4. Economics and Accounting - Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, P&L statements, operating budgets, forecasting and scheduling, and the reporting of financial data.

5. Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.

6. Analytical/Critical Thinking - The ability to gather and organize information using a logical and systematic process; recognize patterns and relationships in complex data; examine data to identify implications, problems and draw appropriate conclusions; generate alternative solutions to problems; evaluate strengths, weaknesses and consequences of alternative solutions and approaches to solving problems.

7. Management of Financial Resources - Determining how money will be spent to get the work done, and accounting for these expenditures.

8. Number Facility - The ability to add, subtracts, multiply, or divides quickly and correctly.

9. Administration and Management - Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

10. Originality - The ability to come up with unusual or clever ideas about products, services or situations, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.

11. Applied Business Knowledge - Understanding market dynamics, enterprise level objectives and important aspects of Marriott's business to accurately diagnose strengths and weaknesses, anticipate opportunities and risks, identify issues, and develop strategies and plans. Aligning individual and team actions with strategies and plans to drive business results.

12. Food Production and Presentation - Knowledge of techniques and equipment for preparing and presenting food products (both plant and animal) for consumption, including storage/handling techniques and sanitation standards.

13. Management of Material Resources - Obtaining and seeing to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work.  

14. Adaptability - Ability to effectively adjust to major changes in work tasks or the work environment.

15. Building a Successful Team - Skilled at building a cohesive team and facilitating goal accomplishment.

16. Building Strategic Working Relationships - Skilled at developing and using collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals.  

17. Building Trust - Ability to interact with others in an honest, fair and respectful way; giving others confidence in one's intentions and those of the organization.

18. Communication - Skilled at clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media; engaging the audience and helping them understand and retain the message.  

19. High Work Standards - Sets high standards of performance for self and others; assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks.  

20. Leading Through Vision and Values - Keeps Marriott's values and business strategy at the forefront of decision making and actions.

21. Planning and organizing - Skilled at establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure work is completed efficiently.

22. Strategic Decision Making - Ability to gather and organize information relevant to a long-range goal or vision, develop alternative strategies, and execute a course of action to carry out strategy.





• 高中文凭或高中同等学历 (GED);6 年餐饮、厨房、宴会管理或相关专业领域工作经验。


• 在经认可的大学取得餐饮服务管理、酒店和餐厅管理、酒店管理、工商管理或相关专业的两年制学位;4 年餐饮、厨房、宴会管理或相关专业领域工作经验。


客户和个人服务 - 了解提供客户和个人服务的原则和流程。这包括客户需求评估,满足服务质量标准以及评估客户满意度。

财务资源管理 - 确定完成工作所需的花销,并对这些支出进行会计核算。

行政管理 - 了解战略规划、资源分配、人力资源建模、领导技巧、生产方法,以及人员和资源协调中涉及的业务和管理原则。

应用业务知识 - 了解市场动态、企业级目标和公司业务的重要方面,以准确诊断优势和劣势,预测机会和风险,确定问题并制定战略和计划。根据战略和计划调整个人和团队行动,以推动业务绩效。

物质资源管理 - 获得并监督适当使用完成特定工作所需的设备、设施和材料。



• 设定期望并让餐饮领导团队负责展示所需的服务行为。

• 审核财务报告和报表,以确定餐饮部的预算执行情况。

• 根据品牌业务战略,对餐饮设备及翻新的资金支持提出建议。

• 与餐饮领导团队合作确定需关注的方面,并制定战略以改善该部门的财务业绩。

• 制定具有挑战性的、现实的和可实现的目标,以指导运营和绩效。

• 努力改善服务表现。


• 制定和管理餐饮预算。

• 监督部门的实际和预计销售情况,以确保达到或超过收入目标,并确定和应对机遇。

• 确保为餐饮区制定现金控制和酒类控制政策,且所有相关员工都予以遵守。

• 专注于维持利润率,而不影响客人或员工的满意度。


• 利用人际关系和沟通技巧来引导、影响和鼓励他人;倡导健全的财务/业务决策;表现出诚实/正直;以身作则。

• 鼓励和建立团队成员之间的相互信任、尊重和合作。

• 实现和超越目标,包括绩效目标、预算目标和团队目标等。

• 树立榜样,示范适当的行为。

• 开发提高利润的手段,包括估算成本和收益,探索新的商业机会等。

• 通过质疑现有流程,鼓励创新和推动必要的变革,确定提高利润和创造价值的机会。

• 确保在餐饮的所有领域(如餐前简报、员工会议、烹饪团队)进行定期和持续的沟通。

• 与直属下属和整个餐饮团队建立并维持开放的合作关系。确保直属下属在他们的团队中也这样做。

• 制定符合品牌业务战略并引导执行的餐饮经营战略。

• 识别他人的发展需求,并指导、辅导或以其他方式帮助他人提升知识或技能。

• 了解市场趋势并引入新的餐饮产品,以满足或超越客户期望,创造更多收入并确保在市场中的竞争地位。


• 提供超越预期的服务,实现客户满意并保留客人。

• 通过沟通和协助个人了解客人需求,并在需要时提供指导、反馈和个人辅导,改善服务质量。

• 与餐饮团队审查评论卡的结果和满意度结果,并确保采取适当的纠正措施。

• 审查评论卡、客人满意度结果和其他数据,以确定改善的方面。

• 授权员工提供卓越的客户服务。

• 估算成本收益比,维持利润和服务满意度之间的平衡。

• 与酒店领导层分享根据评论卡和客人满意度结果采取纠正行动的计划。


• 为下属提供指导和指示,包括设定绩效标准和监督绩效。

• 辅导和支持餐饮领导团队有效管理工资、餐饮成本和可控费用(如餐厅用品、制服等)。

• 聘用表现出强大职能专长、创造力和创业领导力的餐饮领导团队成员,以满足经营业务需求。

• 使用绩效评估流程为直属下属设定目标和期望,并保证员工对成功绩效负责。

• 确保将预期和目标明确传达给下属;下属也可自由提出问题和/或顾虑。

• 必要时将问题提请人力资源部注意。

• 确保员工受到公平、公正的对待。

• 通过提供具体的反馈,指导团队提高绩效。


• 及时向高管、同事和下属通知和/或更新相关信息。

• 通过电话、书面形式、电子邮件或亲自向主管、同事和下属提供信息。

• 分析信息和评估结果,以选择最佳解决方案并解决问题。

• 估计食品、酒类、葡萄酒和其他饮料的消费量,以预测拟购买或请购的数量。

• 订购和购买设备及用品。


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