Marriott 职业


上海, 中国


职位发布 Sep 26, 2019
职位编号 19135177
工作类别 销售和市场营销
地点 上海雅居乐万豪酒店, Lot 559, Xizang Road Central, Huangpu District,, 上海, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工



万豪酒店是万豪国际集团的旗舰品牌,遍布全球 500 多个地区,正在不断推进待客的艺术,让我们的客人拥有精彩纷呈的旅程。作为万豪酒店的主人,您将通过提供极佳的选择、精致的风格和精心设计的细节,帮助我们遵守这一承诺。凭借您的技能和想象力,我们将一道创新和重塑酒店业的未来。


作为上海最大规模的万豪品牌酒店,上海雅居乐万豪酒店20111124日正式开业,其落座于繁华的城市中心,位于西藏中路,毗邻人民广场和人民公园。步行至南京路步行街仅需30秒,也可步行至上海繁华的著名景点 —— 外滩,苏州河及新天地。




Major Function:



Manage the assigned accounts and solicit new businesses aim to generate revenue through servicing the customers using the Marriott Sales Process.


Major Responsibilities:



Conduct sales activities and service customers including meeting with customers, handling customer enquires, preparing business proposals, maintaining a good database and record of all sales call activities, customer contacts and business deals.


Special JOB Duties:



  1. Conduct Sales Activities

  • Meet with customers regularly handling both proactive sales calls and reactive sales leads.

  • Conduct sales activities in a systematic manner by planning in advance according to the set guidelines.

  • Ensure all enquires are handled promptly and efficiently.

  • Meet with in-house guests to build relationship and to obtain guest comments.

  • Meet with key banquet customers to build relationship.

  • Be proactive in obtaining sales leads from various sources such as newspaper, internet, TV etc.

  • Actively share information on guest comments, both positive and negative.

  • Responsible for planning and organizing customer events.


  1. Account Management

  • To input information related to all accounts into Opera and Marsha S&C.

  • Manage the Opera and Marsha S&C database and ensure all information in the system is up to date.

  • Responsible for setting up plans and actions for each account.

  • Participate in account review and account audit to ensure that all relevant information is obtained for each of the accounts.

  • Prepare Sales Call Reports to record all information on daily sales activities.


  1. Fully utilize all Marriott Resources

  • Cross sell sister properties when the hotel product does not fit into customers’ requirements or when customers have potential for other properties.

  • Constant communication with market sales, alliance account team and GSOs to discuss on needs of the hotel and to ensure full coverage of all accounts.

  • Make good use of Marriott Rewards as a key sales tool.

  • Work closely with the other sales teams in the cluster to share marketing information, discuss on account servicing issues and cooperation.


  1. Office Etiquette & Business Ethics

  • Properly dressed in uniform or business attire with the general appearance according to the hotel standard.

  • Conducting business accordingly to the Marriott guidelines and local law.

  • Compliance to the standards set up for the sales operation including telephone handling, punctuality, hotel rules, regulations and LSOPs



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