Marriott 职业


上海, 中国


职位发布 May 08, 2019
职位编号 19001DYU
工作类别 客房部和洗衣房
地点 上海雅居乐万豪酒店, Lot 559, Xizang Road Central, Huangpu District,, 上海, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott
编制 全职
职位类型 管理人员



万豪酒店是万豪国际集团的旗舰品牌,遍布全球 500 多个地区,正在不断推进待客的艺术,让我们的客人拥有精彩纷呈的旅程。作为万豪酒店的主人,您将通过提供极佳的选择、精致的风格和精心设计的细节,帮助我们遵守这一承诺。凭借您的技能和想象力,我们将一道创新和重塑酒店业的未来。


作为上海最大规模的万豪品牌酒店,上海雅居乐万豪酒店20111124日正式开业,其落座于繁华的城市中心,位于西藏中路,毗邻人民广场和人民公园。步行至南京路步行街仅需30秒,也可步行至上海繁华的著名景点 —— 外滩,苏州河及新天地。



The Director of Services has overall responsibility for the cleanliness of assigned areas of the

hotel; efficient operation of the housekeeping department; and, purchase, storage, inventory

and control of housekeeping-related items. Additionally, is responsible for associate morale,

guest focused hospitality, achieving budgetary goals and inter-departmental relations.




1. Ensure that assigned bedrooms, corridors, vending areas and other areas are properly cleaned daily. Inspect these areas daily and submit work orders to the engineering department.


2. Work closely with and gain a working knowledge of Front Office, Accounting and the necessary aspects of Food & Beverage and Engineering.


3. Ensure that the housekeeping manager and the housekeeping supervisors continually inspect their assigned areas and turn in their room inspections.


4. Ensure that all reports are prepared completely and on time.


5. Ensure that an effective and complete training program is in use and that all associates are well trained and re-trained, as needed.


6. Ensure that SOP and LSOP are available, current and in effect.


7. Ensure that the Guest Response Program under area of control is being followed



8. Ensure that the Hospitality Program is in effect and monitored daily through 15 minutes of Training.


9. Ensure that proper key controls are in effect.


10. Ensure that Purchasing Manuals are kept up-to-date and only approved items are purchased. Purchase Order Logs should be maintained.


11. Ensure that accurate inventories are taken: Guest/cleaning supplies and uniforms monthly; linen bi-monthly or as requested by DOR or Owner.


12. Ensure that all reports are prepared completely and on time.


13. Control overtime through good management and immediate response to problems.


14. Review operating statements and critique unusual overages and shortages. All

possible efforts must be made to meet budgeted goals.


15. Audit and approve schedules, wage projections and payroll.


16. Involve the Housekeeping Manager, Supervisors and MLR Attendants in as many administrative functions as possible to further develop them.


17. Ensure that all associates are hygienically clean and in clean, complete uniforms.


18. Review preventive maintenance rooms daily.


19. Provide up-to-date descriptions for all supervisors and associates.


20. Ensure that productive and effective monthly department meetings are held and

meeting minutes are published and directed.


21. Ensure that a process exists for an immediate response to all guest problems and guest correspondence.


22. Ensure that Lost and Found articles are stored properly and that the correct logs are maintained.


23. Always be professional and ethical in dealing with guests, associates, vendors and other departments.


24. Maintain division goals.


25. Develop and implement programs designed to improve the efficiency of the operation and which improve the service to our guests.


26. Carry out directives from Director of Rooms to the best ability



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