Marriott 职业

Chief Accountant 总会计师

西安, 中国


职位发布 Mar 14, 2019
职位编号 19000ROI
工作类别 财务与会计
地点 Renaissance Xi'an Hotel, No 355 Huixin Road, 西安, Shaanxi, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 Renaissance Hotels
编制 全职
职位类型 管理人员




1.    To present a good image by providing a courteous and professional services and by handling enquiries graciously and efficiently.


2.    To deputize for the Director of finance during his absence and therefore to be fully acquainted with the Director of Finance’s job description in order to carry out his responsibilities.


3.    Closely supervise and guide General Cashier, Income Auditors, A/C Operation Supervisor and/or Accounts Receivable Supervisor to strictly execute their job duties including but not limit to the following duties:


1)     Income Audit/Cashiering 收入审计及收款:

Ø  To check that the previous day Night Audit process is properly completed, ledgers are balanced, system date changed, reports are generated and distributed to designated associates. 检查前一天夜审程序正确完整的执行,各个帐目平衡,系统时间更改,报表生成并发送到各相关人员。

Ø  To investigate and report to Director of Finance, in writing, any discrepancies during the night audit process. 调查并报告给财务总监在夜审运行中出现的差异。

Ø  To review the various reports on room operations, such as room rates, occupancy etc. Investigate and check supporting documents for rate differences; approvals for house-use rooms and complimentary rooms. 检查各客房运作报告,例如房费,入住率等,调查并检查相关原始凭证关于比率差异,内部使用客房及免费房的批准。

Ø  To verify all voided checks, rebates and discounts are properly approved. 确认作废帐单,免单和折扣得到相应的批准。

Ø  To investigate all open food & beverage items and price changes, Discuss with restaurant managers on corrective actions. 调查所有公开食品和酒水项目及价格的变化,与餐厅经理探讨更正措施。

Ø  To verify Opera report of restaurant and lounge revenue and payment details tie to the Micros Point of Sales (POS) system records. 确认Opera 与Micros中的数据一致。

Ø  To verify the F&B revenue to supporting documents such as event order, wedding package, tour group meal order etc. 确认餐饮收入有相关凭证支持,如宴会订单,婚宴包价,旅游团用餐订单等等。

Ø  To check all house-use and entertainment checks are entitled, authorized and recorded. 检查所有内部宴请和自用得到批准并有准确的记录。

Ø  To verify the revenue of minor departments. 确认小部门收入。

Ø  To compile and distribute Daily Revenue Report, summaries, schedules etc. according to the format and information required by the management. 根据管理层的要求编制收入日报表、汇总表、明细,并送达相关部门。

Ø  To prepare all accounting records including journal entries as required. 根据要求准备所有相关会计记录和传票。

Ø  To file and maintain proper records for reference and audit. 保持完好存档以备查询和审计。

Ø  To ensure right and valid menu codes at Micros POS and the transaction codes at Opera PMS. 确认系统中所有的交易编码是正确及有效的。


2)     Credit & Accounts Receivable 信贷和应收款:

A.    Safeguard Hotel Revenue 保全酒店收入

²  Adhere to the payment terms of hotel guests.


²  Chair meetings with General Manager and Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, Sales Managers, Director of Rooms Operation to report on the status of long outstanding accounts and to exchange information.


²  Review supporting documents and approve credit management.


²  Conduct credit investigation to justify credit extension.


²  Pay occasional visits to local customers to establish better business relationship and at the same time can be more updated of their financial situation.


²  Review periodically creditability of all debtors.



B.     Prevent Overdue Accounts 防止超期帐款

²  Prevent High balances turning into bad debts.


²  Coordinate with Guest Service Officers at Front Desk and scrutinize daily folio balances.


²  Report any account that may become doubtful or delinquent


²  Consult A/R Supervisor before credit is allowed to hotel guests


²  Check all in house guest ledger to avoid skippers.


²  Send daily, weekly, monthly, high balance statements as appropriate.


²  Handle hold account at front Desk.



C.    Assist in Accounting and Reporting Functions 协助会计和报表功能

²  Carry out company search and obtain bank references whenever necessary for credit application from companies.


²  Make analyses of accounts to provide payment history, business nature and volume.


²  Set up reference file individual account including record of all credit work done.


²  Maintain an up-to-date credit list for inter-departmental reference


²  Request reasonable coverage by bank guarantee or floating deposit before establishing credit facility.


²  Recommend write-off of accounts at year end and to forefeit deposit for no show at year end.



D.    Ensure Timely Collection of Debits确保帐款的及时回收

²  Exercise tight control on accounts past due in order to effect collection.


²  Handle all correspondences with local and overseas travel agent, difficult debtors and all debtors over 60 days outstanding.


²  Coordinate with A/R for better bill presentation to enable prompt settlement.


²  Send reminders to all debtors at suitable intervals.


²  Seek legal assistances whenever necessary.



4.    To ascertain all disbursements and claims are supported by necessary documents and processed timely.


5.    To ensure the General Cashier Daily Report timely and accurately done and that the daily cash receipts are deposited in time.


6.    To ensure that all accounting entries are properly and timely recorded.


7.    To coordinate with all department heads for the preparation and submission of periodic reports, schedules and analyses to Accounting department for consolidation.


8.    To ensure all sub-ledgers agree with the general ledger and correct description of A&L.


9.    To ensure all provisions, accruals and adjustments are accounted for and correctly posted to the General Ledger system.


10. To check all accounting journals prepared by individual.


11. To lead all Finance associates well and timely preparation of all monthly financial statements, reports, supporting schedules and analyses. (including but not limited to A&L)


12. To review all accounting data, ratio, cost percentage, aging, turnover rate, etc. and bring to the attention of Director of Finance for abnormalities.


13. To ensure bank reconciliation statements for all bank accounts accurately prepared.


14. To supervise all accounting supervisors and clerks, to assist them to handle work challenges, and to set guidelines and deadlines for each accounting associate in order to ensure timely completion of financial reports.


15. To assist in the training of accounting personnel as part of the effort to build an efficient team and to take an active interest in their individual development.


16. To be thoroughly familiar with the duties and responsibilities of all the accounting supervisors and clerks and is able to train them up to the standards required.


17. To attend operation meetings and financial meeting whenever required.


18. To ensure that the relevant support to a day’s transactions are completed and have been verified before the Director of Finance and General Manager’s review and signature.


19. To assist in compiling any analysis, sales and cash forecasts, financial and capital budgets, business plans and to find out historical data or support details.


20. To prepare returns and statistical reports, which are, required by owner, Regional Office, Corporate Office, local government authorities and for internal distribution. And, ensure all returns and reports timely submitted to the required party.


21. To be fully acquainted with the established accounting standards, policies and standard operating procedures of Marriott Corporate Office and hotel.


22. To ensure that an organized, up-to-date filing system is maintained for all pertinent financial records, including limitation of access, confidentiality and other preventive measures.


23. To assist in reviewing all accounting daily mails, including incoming and outgoing A/R correspondences.


24. To ensure surprise cash count of the General Cashier cash float (at least once a week), petty cash and other house funds (at least once a month).


25. To handle all problem of the Finance Department with the exception of those which have to be referred to the Director of Finance


26. To assist the Director of Finance to appraise on a regular basis, system of internal controls and to implement corrective measures if required.


27. To organize the accounting office in conjunction with the director of Finance by:


-        Distributing work to accounting associates on an equitable basis.


-        Scheduling and introducing flexible job functions through job rotations.


-        Scheduling of accounting associates as part of the effort to build an efficient team and to take an active interest in their individual development and welfare.


28. To ensure the established internal control measures are routinely carried out and to highlight discrepancies to Director of Finance.


29. Together with Director of Finance and System Manager, to establish a system of record keeping and storage of computer software backup and ensure that related accounting associates are trained on such procedures.


30. Others


-        To respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.


-        To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationship with all hotel associates.


-        To have a complete understanding of the hotel associate handbook and to adhere to the regulations contained therein.


-        To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene.


-        To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.



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