Marriott 职业

Club Floor Manager 行政楼层经理

上海, 中国


职位发布 Dec 07, 2018
职位编号 18002UJB
工作类别 客房和宾客服务运营
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, 上海, 上海 在地图中查看
品牌 Renaissance Hotels
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工




To supervise Club Floor associate to ensure that they are adhering to all hotel policies, procedures, regulations and standards, while striving towards total guest satisfaction. To ensure that club floor operations are working in a professional manner at all times. Will perform front desk clerk and cashier responsibilities and duties when assigned, and assume desk manager’s responsibilities when needed. To train Club Floor associate on a daily basis, on-the-job and during 15 minutes training. Assist the manager in all areas to ensure a correct and smoothly operating department.




1.      Staff Management员工管理:


a.    Hold a pre-shift meeting with associate prior to reporting to stations.


b.         Be prepared for each daily activity and review any variations with manager and associate.能够准备当日各种活动情况并且能与经理级员工与普通员工回顾各项事件变化情况。

c.         Work shifts are covered with adequate staffing; ensure correct staffing during peak periods and during high occupancy.能够保证有足够的员工人力上班,并且能保证在旺季和入住率高的情况下安排合理的员工人力。

d.        Ensure all associates are aware of role and responsibilities and operate within their guidelines.能够保证所有员工足够了解自己的职责和员工守则。

e.         Consistently document variations in associates performance and counseling in such cases.能够通过各个事件不时的纪录员工变现。

f.          Ensure associate is properly groomed and uniformed at all times.能够保证督促员工穿戴得体,制服整齐。

g.         Ensure department cleanliness is maintained at all times.能够保证部门时刻整洁。

h.         Each associate is expected to carry out all reasonable requests by management, which the associate is capable of performing.


i.           Maintain efficiency in the operation of the associate in a high standard of quality of service and courtesy, bringing total satisfaction to our guests and the hotel.能够使员工高效率且高质量的提供至臻完美的服务,并能使客人,酒店满意。

j.           Maintain close control and inventory of uniforms, supplies and equipment on hand.能够控制维持员工制服库存,供给和设备。

k.         Prepare and post weekly schedules in accordance to guest needs and associate availability.能够客人需要和员工人数准备并张贴出每周日程表。

l.           Conduct frequent hospitality audits to ensure the associate are conducting themselves in the manner appropriate for the department. Ensure Service Excellence Standards are in place.能够时常监督员工接待礼仪以确保部门员工能以良好的态度正常工作。保证完美服务准则能够被遵守。

m.       Maintain a complete and accurate set of logs (pass-on, management roaster, emergency procedures, etc)能够安排一份完整且精确的日志(交接,管理安排表,紧急事务准则等等)

n.         Maintain a good working relationship with the associate and other departments.能够保持与其他同事和部门员工的良好工作关系。

o.         Determine the requirements for, and the follow-up on, special groups or VIPs. 能够满足特殊团队和贵宾的特殊要求,并且和其他部门同事交接。

p.         Prepare and submit accident or injury reports when needed.必要时,能够准备并提交事故和伤亡报告。

q.         Constantly stress to the associate that they are the most effective tools in merchandising the hotel. Establish a “sales pitch” for the associate to use when assisting guests.能够给与员工一定压力,使员工更有效率地为酒店工作。为员工建立“销售曲线报表“,并使员工学会在服务客人时使用。

r.          Ensure all guests experiencing a problem receive an appropriate response, any promised compensation is delivered and all guest receive appropriate follow up in a timely and professional manner.


s.          Establish effective communication with associates to gain their trust and respect.能够与员工建立有效的沟通并得到其信任。

t.          Maintain fair and consistent counseling and/or disciplinary procedures in accordance with Marriott’s Guarantee of Fair Treatment Policy.



  1. Train 培训


a.         Ensure all associates are safety conscious and trained in safe work practices.能够保证员工具有安全意识和进行必要的安全工作实践。

b.         Implement an effective training program for new and current associates using records, menus and appropriate reference manuals.能够运用纪录,菜单或人工参考纪录来对新员工进行有效的培训。

c.         Implement proper training program and control the training of the associate to top efficiency and in accordance with Marriott policies能够根据万豪准则运用合适的培训计划来高效率的实行培训计划。

d.        Encourage problems solving by associates through proper training and empowerment.鼓励员工通过适当的培训和授权能够在工作中自己解决棘手问题。

e.         Provide job descriptions and an updated training manual.


f.          Have a thorough knowledge of hotel fire regulations and policy, accident reports, safety programs, and what the direct duties are in relation to each. Ensure that all associates are properly trained in these procedures.能够完全掌握酒店防火规章,事故报表,安全计划和与之相关的职责。保证所有员工都能收到相关的培训。

g.         Have accurate and complete guest assistance information available regarding events taking place in town, restaurants, athletic events, etc.能够为客人提供完整,精确的礼宾服务,包括:当地节日,事件,餐厅,特色节日。

h.         Facilitate departmental training modules. Continually monitor, evaluate and revise training content to reflect changes in the process and address the needs identified by associates and your manager.能够制作部门培训模块。根据员工和经理反馈的需要来不断监督,评估和修改培训内容。

i.           Follow up regularly with Department Heads regarding the Club Floor process and the performance of their department responsibilities along with the department’s function.能够根据行政楼营运过程和部门员工结合工作的日常表现定期与部门总监反映,落实工作。


  1. Administrative行政工作


a.         Hold monthly department meetings.能够每月举行部门会议。

b.         Establish goals and objectives to improve the department.能够为部门设立目标。


4.      Additional Responsibilities附加责任:


a.         Responsible for the efficient and professional running of the club lounge, including relationships with other departments.能够保证行政楼日常高效率且专业的运营,包括:与其他部门建立友好的关系。

b.         Ensure smooth check-in and check-out of all guests, through properly handling guest accounts.通过检查客人的酒店账户为客人提供完美的入住和退房体验。

c.         Deal with any guest requests and problems and satisfy their needs within acceptable guidelines.能够根据准则为客人解决入住所遇到的问题,使客人满意。

d. Lead by example: Provide a gracious and aggressive hospitality    towards all customers. Be highly familiar and adhere to all policies, procedures and standards.通过例子:大方得体的为客人提供服务。能够非常熟悉酒店所有规章制度与标准。

d.        Recommend to the Management changes in procedures likely to improve the standard of services.能够向管理层建议制度上的修改来提高更好的服务标准。

e.         Responsible to up sell the hotel rooms and facilities and achieve the highest possible occupancy.能够有义务和责任为酒店房间和设施促销并使之达到高入住率。

f.          Keep update and necessary information of Hotel and city to answer or provide services to inquiry guests.能够为客人提供具体酒店信息和当地城市信息咨询。

g.         During peak hours, be at the club lounge to ensure efficient and smooth service is provided to all customers.能够在酒店高峰时段时,保证员工员工给客人提供高效率和舒适的服务。

h.         Create a productive and positive atmosphere at the desk; have a good relationship with all associates and other departments.能够在行政楼前台给客人营造出和谐舒适的气氛,能与其他部门的同事保持良好的关系。

i.           Be problem seeker and solver.能够及时找出并解决问题。

j.           Bank out cashiers at the end of each shift according to the blind drop procedures.根据封闭式关账的模式为员工结束班次时关账。

k.         Check opening house count and establish rate to be quoted during the day with the Reservation Supervisor and the Assistant Front Office Manager检查开启的账面并且与预定部主管和前厅部副经理制定参考房价。

l.           Review discrepant rooms regularly.定期检查房价差异房间。

m.       Ensure that all Marriott Rewards guests, VIP guest and repeat guests are identified; recognized, pre-blocked and special treatment is brought to the room.能够保证认知所有万豪礼赏会员,贵宾和常住客,并且提前为客人准备房间,为客人带来意想不到的惊喜体验。

n.         Review credit reports and take appropriate action to resolve all problems.能够检查客人信用额度报表并且能着手于解决问题。

o.         Ensure that O-status and H-status do not carry any unusual outstanding balances.能够保证入住状态与房间整体状态相互持平,无任何异常情况。

p.         Complete work or special projects as assigned and make sure to meet due dates.能够按时完成布置的特殊计划和工作。

q.         Work together with associate on the same level, train and retrain on aggressive hospitality skills, technical skills and communication skills.能够和同级别的员工一起工作,并且培训和再培训礼仪接待技巧,技术技巧以及沟通技巧。

r.          Check the information board, daily event sheet, is up to date and informed about daily operations.检查信息板,当日会议记录和当日相关最近营运情况。

s.          Have knowledge about sales strategy, packages, promotions, and discounts and know how to handle these and how they relate to other departments.能够掌握销售策略,包价,促销和折扣并且知道自己如何运用,其他部门又是如何运用。

t.          Develop a thorough knowledge of the products, including hotel rooms, type of rooms, amenities, services of the hotel.能够了解酒店的产品,包括酒店房间,房间种类,礼品和酒店服务。

u.         Develop knowledge about frequent guests and their special requests and needs.能够知道和了解常住客的特殊要求与喜好。

v.         Also be familiar with cultural differences in order to meet all different customer needs.也能够熟悉文化差异来满足不同客人的需要。

w.       Have PMS and MARSHA skills.能够掌握PMSMARSHA技术和知识。

x.         Be knowledgeable about etiquette and protocols.能够了解礼仪和协议。

y.         Be familiar with all emergency plans and be able to act upon them能够了解所有的紧急措施并能实施。.

z.         At all times strive to represent Marriott in the most professional, courteous manner.总是能以专业的态度表现出万豪精神。

aa.      Keep up to date guest histories of all Club Floor guests and notify the management to follow up on their birthdays, anniversaries, preferences, etc.能够不断更新行政楼客人客史纪录并且汇报管理层来组织安排客人生日,周年和兴趣等等。

bb.     Prepare personalized amenities and place in rooms.能够准备个性化的礼品并放置在客人房间。

cc.      Report on losses and breakages.能够及时汇报耗损和损坏。

dd.    Ensure that Food and Beverage supplies and guest amenities are requisitioned on a daily basis.能够根据当天情况为饮料和食物提供补给并且为客人准备当天礼品。


Profile of Competency:


·         Minimum 6 years of Front office working experience with at least 2 years Club Lounge supervisor experience in international hotel.

·         至少六年国际酒店集团前厅部工作经验和两年行政楼主管工作经验。

·         F&B knowledge is preferred

·         具备餐饮经验者更佳。

·         Demonstrated excellent communication and hospitality skills.

·         能够表现优越的沟通和接待礼仪技巧。

·         Demonstrated key Marriott leadership competency qualities.

·         能够具备重要的万豪领导能力素质。



·         Demonstrated excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin.

·         能够表现优越的英语和普通话沟通技巧。



·         Graduated from College or Vocational School

·         .大学或职业技术学院毕业

Job License:

資格 / 等級証:

·         N/A.

·         未要求

     处理所有客人入住手续、退房、客房分配和客房更换/延迟退房请求。收取付款;激活/重新发放客房钥匙。确保房价符合市场行情,并记录例外情况。核实/调整客人的帐单。当客人在等待空房时,告知适当的工作人员。告知客人相关讯息。结算计算机系统中的离店客人信息。与房务部协调,跟踪客房状态和客人的问题。 将宾客文件或文档存档。操作电话交换台。运行并检查每日报告、应急清单和信用卡授权报告。为客人提供指导和信息。回答、记录并处理所有宾客来电、请求、问题或疑虑;跟进并确保每一项都能让客人满意。为客人/访客安排交通服务。在每班开始和结束时清点和记录收银柜账目。兑现客人的支票,处理所有付款类型、代金券、支出、收费,并找零。通知安保部关于盗窃的任何一起报告。
     遵守公司政策和程序;向经理报告事故、伤害和不安全的工作条件;确保制服和个人仪表整洁而专业;维护专有信息的机密性;保护公司资产。根据公司的标准,欢迎和答谢客人;预期并满足客人的服务需求;为残障人士提供协助;感谢客人的真诚赞赏。使用清晰、专业的语言讲述;以适当的礼仪接听电话。建立和保持积极的工作关系;支持团队达成共同目标;倾听并适当回应员工的问题。遵守质量保证标准。在较长一段时间内保持站立、就坐或行走。在没有他人协助的情况下,移动、举起、携带、推动、拉动和放置重量不超过 10 磅 (4.54 kg) 的物体。履行主管要求的其他合理的工作职责。

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