Marriott 职业


上海, 中国


职位发布 Aug 08, 2018
职位编号 18002845
工作类别 行政
地点 上海雅居乐万豪酒店, 上海, 上海 在地图中查看
品牌 Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工

万豪酒店是万豪国际集团的旗舰品牌,遍布全球 500 多个地区,正在不断推进待客的艺术,让我们的客人拥有精彩纷呈的旅程。作为万豪酒店的主人,您将通过提供极佳的选择、精致的风格和精心设计的细节,帮助我们遵守这一承诺。凭借您的技能和想象力,我们将一道创新和重塑酒店业的未来。
作为上海最大规模的万豪品牌酒店,上海雅居乐万豪酒店于2011年11月24日正式开业,其落座于繁华的城市中心,位于西藏中路,毗邻人民广场和人民公园。步行至南京路步行街仅需30秒,也可步行至上海繁华的著名景点 —— 外滩,苏州河及新天地。

Project professional image to all internal and external customers of the hotel and to ensure smooth cooperation within the hotel operation departments.
Provide administrative support to Hotel Manager and Operation Departments to ensure smooth running within the departments.
  1. Provide administrative support to Hotel Manager when required
    1. Provide written translation and instant interpretation
    2. Perform independent correspondence as required
    3. Plan and schedule appointments, interviews and meetings
    4. Take minutes of meetings
    5. Maintain an efficient filing system
    6. Compile reports as assigned
    7. Advise on local issues
  2. Handling guest complaints
    1. Handling guest complaints independently in the absence of Hotel Manager
  3. Contribute to the day-to-day efficiency of the Operation Departments
    1. Screen and handle phone calls in a professional manner ensuring calls are transferred correctly and timely and all messages are taken down very carefully in details
    2. Greet and assist guests in a professional manner
    3. Prioritise support and assistance to Hotel Manager
    4. File EO outgoing correspondence daily
    5. Clear all incoming correspondences weekly
    6. Receive and distribute all internal mails and newspaper in a timely fashion
    7. Call, arrange and log all outgoing courier mail
    8. Arrange conference calls as required
    9. Copy all guest complaint letters to Guest Response team daily
    10. Copy all guest compliment letters to Human Resources department daily
    11. Answer queries, making bookings and reservations
    12. Be aware of regular meeting in EO conference room to avoid double booking
    13. Ensure all lights, air-conditioning, furniture and office equipment in EO and conference room are in good condition and are functioning properly
    14. Open and lock all cupboard and filing cabinets daily
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The hotel business functions seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  All associates must realize this fact and be aware that at all times it may be necessary to move associates from their accustomed shift as business demands.  In the case that the associate is incapable of or not willing to follow the above work requirement or the work shift schedule arrangement by his/her leaders, he/she might be transferred or demoted to another position.
Management reserves the right to make changes to this job description at its sole discretion and without advance notice.
I have received, read and accept the above description. I fully understand that violation of any of the stated responsibilities and duties is grounds for disciplinary action.
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Signed copy to human resources office for retention in personal file.

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