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Front Ofiice - Guest Relation Officer

Shanghai, China
Rooms and Guest Services Operations

Job Description

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Posting Date Jul 19, 2018
Job Number 180020V6
Job Category Rooms and Guest Services Operations
Location Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, Shanghai, China VIEW ON MAP
Brand Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott
Schedule Full-time
Position Type Non-Management/Hourly

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Construction of the largest full-service Marriott-branded hotel in Shanghai, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre opened its doors on 24 November, 2011. Located aside People's Square and Park on Xi Zang Middle Road, the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre enjoys a premium downtown location. Nanjing Pedestrian Street is a 30 second stroll from the hotel's street entrance. The BUND, Suzhou Creek and the lively Xintiandi are all within easy walking distance.


Job Summary


To assist the Guest Relations Manager in all aspects related to the front desk. Ensure all areas in Front Office are covered by sufficient manpower at any time. The Guest Relations Officer also needs to provide a high quality guest services. He/she must be knowledgeable with front desk daily operation routine, should be capable of handling basic complaints and problems to the guest's satisfaction. 协助宾客关系经理处理相关前台事务,在任何时间都要确保前台各个区域有足够的服务人员。宾客关系主任本人必须提供高质量的服务给客人,同时必须知晓前台每天营运程序.必须有能力处理基本的投诉并让客人感到满意.

Duties and responsibilities include职责包括:

Daily Airport Pick Up In room check in process; Group airport pick up and on bus check in process; Daily arrival VIP room assignment and welcome amenities preparation; Daily arrival guest Marriott reward memberships pre-check and management; Daily in house guests’ birthday amenities arrangement; Daily lobby visibility; Create relationship with guests and push GSS score; Maximize MRW program enrollment; Coordinate with both internal and external customers; Provide information service and up-sell hotel outlets; handle basic guest complain and solve problems, 每天接机并带客人进房间办理登记手续。团队接机并在车上办理登记入住手续。每天安排贵宾房间及预备欢迎礼品。每天为到店的万豪礼赏会员核实登记。每天为当天过生日的驻店客人表示祝贺及安排生日礼品。每天在大堂范围内与客人沟通,解决问题并创造良好的人际关系来提高客户满意度。最大限度的协调内部各个部门之间的关系及酒店与外部顾客的关系。提供服务信息及销售酒店的各个附属产品及餐厅。 掌握基本客人投诉并解决问题.

Minimum requirements最低要求:

Previous experience as a Guest Relations Officer/Front Desk Agent experience. Additional languages skill is appreciated for this position. The employee must become knowledgeable of all hotel information to be able to answer any guest questions as well as all general information concerning the hotel’s operation to be able to accommodate, answer, and recommend guest inquiries. 先前有经验的宾客关系主任/有经验的前台员工。额外的语言技巧担当这个位置。员工必须了解整个酒店的信息为了能够准确的为客人提供帮助并顺应客人的要求, 解决客人的询问。



1.        Ensure all Standard Operating Procedure and Local Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to and carried out. 遵照所有的标准营运程序及本地标准程序来执行工作。


2.       Meeting and escorting guests to their rooms and provide in room check service when required. 当有需要时,带领客人进房间提供房内入住登记服务。


3.        Knowing all duties and responsibilities of daily front desk operation; support front desk associate efficiently whenever required. (Including the Business Centre.) 了解前台每天的营运步骤,无论何时都支持前台有效的完成工作.(包括商务中心)


4.       Being professional with daily hotel operation and offer manning support to other related section or department when required. 了解酒店每天正常的营运步骤,并当有需要时为其他相关部门提供服务支持。


5.        Check and ensure that all tasks stated on the GRO’s daily operations checklists, are completed before the end of each shift.  遵照宾客关系主任每天的工作程序执行工作并按时完成工作。


6.       Provide interpreter service upon required situation. (Escort guest to hospital for doctor service. Escort guest to Police office when needed. VIP City Tour guide service, etc.)  视实际情况提供恰当的宾客服务(例如,陪同客人去医院看医生;当有需要时陪同客人去警局;为贵宾当向导等等。)


7.        Ensure all VIP welcome packets are properly prepared according to the hotel’s standard and VIP rooms are assigned and checked prior to the VIP’s arrival per personalized request. 按照酒店的标准为所有的贵宾准备欢迎礼物。安排所有的贵宾入住房间并在入住前按照贵宾的个人要求做好一切安排准备工作。


8.       Issue the amenity forms to Room Service and ensure the amenities were delivered to room together with GM welcome card prior to the VIP’s arrival.  为客人安排入住时房间内的特殊礼品,填写相关申请单并与客房送餐部协调确保所有的礼品及总经理迎宾卡在贵宾到店前于客房内摆设完毕。


9.       Ensure all working public areas are cleaned and tidy at any time. (Includes both lobby level.) 在任何时候都要确保所有的工作公共区域都干净整齐。


10.    Ensure hotel’s properties, department’s equipment are handled with care by all associates and used according to proper procedures at all times. 确保酒店各个部门的员工正确的使用,保管酒店的财物及各部门的工作设备。在任何时间都要按照规定程序来操作。


11.     Daily arrival guest Marriott reward memberships pre-check and management. Maintain and control guest’s profile. 每天提前为即将到店的万豪礼赏会员管理好他们的会籍资料并确保系统内客户资料准确无误。.


12.    Group airport pick up and coordinate with group organizer, provide on bus check in service. 团队接机时宾客关系主任就是与整个团队的组织者进行协调并提供在车上登记入住的服务。


13.     Daily in house guests’ birthday and other amenities arrangement. 每天为当天过生日的客人表示祝贺及安排礼品。


14.    Daily lobby visibility and communicate with guest, collect feedback and create relationships. 每天大堂的范围内主动与客人沟通,收集反馈意见并创建良好的宾客关系。


15.     Maximize MRW program enrolment upon any contact with guest. 争取尽可能多的发展万豪礼赏会员。


16.    Coordinate with both internal and external customers. Build relationship with other departments and improve harmony working atmosphere. 与酒店内部各个部门沟通协调好前厅工作,与外部宾客沟通协调好前厅工作。与酒店内其他部门建立良好的协作关系并创造良好的合作环境。


17.     Handle overbooked situations with GRM and offer relocation escorting service. 在满房或预订过度的情况下,协助宾客关系经理完成宾客安置工作。


18.    Knowing how to handle emergency procedure. 在紧急情况下知道如何按照准确的程序来处理工作。


19.    Cross sell hotel outlets and maximize hotel revenue. 帮助销售酒店各个其他部门并最大化酒店利润。


20.    Handling of guests’ request and complains; taking ownership of guests’ feedback. Correspond with guest and handle the complaint if possible. 帮助解决客人的需求及投诉,收集客人意见反馈并亲自作出回应。在可能的情况下,协调并解决客人的投诉。


21.    Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time. 另有其他职责将会视实际情况补述。






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Job License

資格 / 等級証:






The hotel business functions seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  All associates must realize this fact and be aware that at all times it may be necessary to move associates from their accustomed shift as business demands. 同事須明瞭酒店每周七天、每天二十四小时运转的行業。因應工作需要,上班的班次会随时相應调動。


Management reserves the right to make changes to this job description at its sole discretion and without advance notice. 管理層保留在没有提前通知的情况下对工作描述变更的权利。



I have read and received a copy of the above description and fully understand that violation of any of the stated responsibilities and duties is grounds for disciplinary action.




Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.