Marriott 职业

Event Assistant 宴会统筹助理

上海, 中国


职位发布 May 11, 2018
职位编号 18001CV1
工作类别 餐饮服务和烹饪
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 万丽酒店及度假酒店
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工


Major FUNCTION:主要职能

The event coordinator s main function is to assist the event manager in the sales and service of all banquet functions, whether booked by group rooms or by catering. The coordinator is responsible for adhering to all Marriott standard operating procedures and policies.


Major Responsabilities:主要职责

Be able to replace the event manager in case of absence and take over of event manager’s main responsibilities to ensure correct and smooth operation of catering.


To finalize food, beverage and meeting room set-up requirements.


To upgrade and up sell menus to achieve food and beverage cost.升级销售来达到食物酒水的成本

To be aware of the forecast and budget, and where we need to fill business into open times. Be profit minded.根据预测和预算,在可行的时间内增加生意, 有收益意识

Familiarization with catering’s standard operation procedures.熟悉宴会营运标准程序

To be prompt and accurate in completion of assigned projects.积极准确的完成所指派的任务

To establish and maintain customer contact at all functions.与所有宴会的客人建立并保持联系

To establish communication with the executive chef, banquet manager, catering service staff and sales.与行政总厨,宴会厅经理,宴会厅员工和销售部建立并保持联系.

To recommend and identify new ideas, methods and markets.对于新的意见,方法和市场有识别能力

To promote energy conservation and aggressive hospitality programs along with achieving accident prevention goals.保持精力充沛遵循殷勤好客理念,达到预防突发事件的目标


Specific Duties :特殊职责

  1. Finalizing BEO’s and telephoning customers制定BEO和联系客人                                                     
  2. Calling a contact after each function to insure satisfaction.

为保证客人的满意度, 宴会结束之后打电话给宴会联系人

3.    Tracing files to insure proper finalization of program. 保证宴会计划的正确进行,随时跟进.

4.    Proper credit checks to insure correct payment. 提供合适的帐单以保证收到正确的付款

5.    Inspection of operations three times each shift.每天上班检查营运情况3次

6.    Organizing weekly BEO meeting and distribution of finalized BEO’s.组织每周的BEO会议并分发最终的BEO