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Steward-Chief 管事部经理

Shanghai, China
Food and Beverage & Culinary

Job Description

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Posting Date Jun 27, 2018
Job Number 18000TEP
Job Category Food and Beverage & Culinary
Location Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, Shanghai, China VIEW ON MAP
Brand Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
Schedule Full-time
Relocation? No
Position Type Management

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To ensure the standards of hygiene in all Food & Beverage areas should not only be met but, exceeded wherever and whenever possible.

Providing a clean and safe place to prepare, serve and store food items. The other facet of this position is planning, organizing, budgeting and maintenance of HOE, kitchen and service equipment. The incumbents will consult with Food & Beverage Director and Executive Chef on a regular basis.


To ensure that all Food & Beverage Outlets and Kitchens comply with local and Sheraton laws on Sanitation and hygiene.

Maintain, clean and service equipment in good condition.

Follow set budgeting guidelines in relation to staffing, equipment and chemicals, and ensure a cost effective operation

1.      Food & Beverage Department

1.1.         Organise Equipment for Food Preparation

·         Oversee the preparation of kitchen equipment for use

·         Oversee the equipment needed for Food production for menu items

1.2.         Assist in the Presentation of Food

·         Oversee and Assist the kitchen associates when needed in the   preparation of food for service

·         Oversee portioning and plating of food when needed

1.3.         Receive and Store Goods

·         Manage the receiving and storage of kitchen goods

·         Keep control of all china, glassware, flatware and hollowware, and conduct regular quantity stock take

1.4.         Clean and Maintain Equipment and Premises

·         Oversee the cleaning and storage of kitchen equipment

·         Oversee the cleaning of the premises

·         Oversee the removal of waste

·         Maintaining superior conditions of all equipment in the department. Ensuring that silverware is polished / burnished on a regular basis.

1.5.         Maintain Hygienic Standards and Practices

·         Ensure all the staff to carry out tasks according to the S&P

·         Liaise with the Local Hygiene authorities and be up-to-date with the Hygiene laws

·         Conduct Hygiene and chemical usage training

·         Maintain hygienic kitchen and outlet areas

·         Clean the kitchen and service equipment

·         Monitor and Maintain Sanitation & hygiene

·         Keep all china, glassware, flatware, and hollowware, in a hygienic and clean condition.

2.      Management/strategic planning

2.1.         Take part in Strategic Planning and Development

·         Take part in the preparation and planning and department/unit/outlet goals and objectives

·         Take part in the planning rostering of Staff in all areas as per the business needs.

·         Analyze sales and marketing data in relation to the department

·         Participate in the preparation of strategic plans and operation plans.

·         Determining a purchasing plan, according to the financial budget of the outlet.

·         Determining optimum staffing, product, stock, and equipment levels, in relation to business needs, keeping in mind the various seasonal periods of business.

2.2.          Assist with the development of new products and services

2.3.         Consider Economic/Political Social Issues Relevant to the Department

·         Interpret economic data and take into account external economic issues when planning and making decisions

·         Anticipate economic business level fluctuations

·         Monitor information and trends in the industry

2.4.         Consider Tourism Issues Relevant to the Department

·         Consider political and social influences on business

·         Analyze tourism data

·         Liaise with relevant parties

·         Identify major environmental quality management systems

2.5.       Quality Management Systems

2.5.1.  Monitor the implementation of quality management systems

3.      Finance Management

3.1.         Cost Control

·         Focus on energy conservation in the kitchen

·         Introduce and monitor Control procedures for reducing breakage’s and loss of equipment

·         Monitor the monthly stocktaking in stores and outlets

·         Ensure using correct quantities of chemicals

3.2.         Manage Financial Matters

·         Prepare and monitor stock of Equipment and chemicals

·         Prepare and manage unit/ outlet budgets

·         Monitor, analyze and report variations from the budget

·         Prepare unit/ outlet performance reports

·         Perform and interpret ratio analysis

4.      Purchasing/Stock

4.1.         Manage Purchasing & Stock Control in conjunction with the Purchasing Manager/Executive Chef & Director of FB

·         Develop and monitor the implementation of purchasing procedures

·         Develop purchasing specifications

·         Assess tenders for goods and services

·         Negotiate prices and terms of purchase

·         Prepare budgets for purchases

·         Establish economical order quantities

·         Develop stock control procedures

4.2.         Supervise Purchasing & Stock control

·         Monitor the implementation of purchasing procedures

·         Ensures that par stock of chemicals is always correct and sufficient

·         Monitor the implementation of stock control procedures

·         Prepare and interpret stock reports

4.3.         Purchasing

·         Purchase stock/ inventory according to purchasing procedures and specifications

4.4.         Stock Control

·         Handle and store stock according to stock control procedures

5.      Human Resources

5.1.         Certificate

·         Be certified TSW, MFT, SOFT SKILLS, and other management skills.

5.2.         Training:

·         Training, development, and rostering of staff.

·         Determining and implementing on going training needs for associates at different levels.

·         Understand Starwood SPG plans

5.3.         Manage Work Operations

·         Coordinate work operations within the department/ unit/ outlet

·         Develop performance standards for operations in the department/ unit/ outlet

·         Assess work operations and prepare plans to implement change when required

·         Coordinate between other departments/ units

·         Monitor productivity of the unit

5.4.         Manage Industrial relations

·         Prevent and resolve grievances, Resolve disputes

·         Counsel staff and prevent work related problems

·         Discipline staff

5.5.         Staff Management

·         Determine and plan for future staffing needs

·         Recruit staff, Conduct Interviews

·         Prepare staff rosters

·         Facilitate multi-skill ensuring maximum flexibility of staff rotation to busy areas all exercised

·         Maintain up-to-date staff records

·         Customize position profiles for your area of responsibility using the Sheraton Human Resources Management System

·         Manage staff training and development using Sheraton Human Resources Management System

·         Assist with the planning and delivery of orientation programs

·         Implement staff performance appraisals

·         Carry out exit interviews

5.6.         Supervise Staff

·         Provide ongoing advice and support to staff under your supervision

·         Supervise staff performance

·         Implement appropriate management practices that provide staff motivation and communication

5.7.         Instruct Staff (One to One)

·         Provide one to one instruction to staff members when required

6.       Computer

6.1.         Food & Beverage Computer

·         Access and use Food & Beverage computer programs

6.2.         Word Processing

·         Access and use word processing computer packages

6.3.         Spreadsheets

·         Access and use spread sheeting computer packages

7.       Safety/Cleaning/Maintenance

7.1.         Manage Safety/ Cleaning/ Maintenance

·         In conjunction with the Safety/ Security Manager manage the development and implementation of safety/ security policies and procedures for the department/ unit/ outlet

·         In conjunction with appropriate personnel manage the development and implementation of cleaning/ maintenance programs for the department/ unit/ outlet

7.2.         Maintain a Safe and Secure Working Environment

·         Be aware of duty of care, and adhere to occupational health and safety legislation, policies and procedures

·         Initiate action to correct a hazardous situation and notify supervisors/ managers of potential danger

·         Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergency policies and procedures

·         Be familiar with property safety, current first aid fire emergency procedures

·         Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel requirements

7.3.         Cleaning/ Maintenance Programs

·         Ensure a good care of all the cleaning machine

·         Adhere to hotel cleaning and maintenance programs

·         Ensure a high level of cleaning is maintained in assigned work areas

8.      Communication/General

8.1.         Meeting

·         Attend and conduct departmental, and Interdepartmental meetings

·         Conduct department meeting with associates to keep them informed of updates, new directions, policies and procedures

8.2.         Manage Working Relationships

·         Prepare and conduct meeting and group presentations to keep staff/ management/ other parties informed of hotel operations and other relevant issues

·         Plan team systems and structures

·         Set team goals in consultation with team members according to hotel/ department goals, policies and practices

·         Manage cross cultural communication

8.3.         Maintain and Implement Effective Interpersonal Skills

·         Maintain personal presentation to hotel and Starwood standards

·         Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times

·         Analyze, evaluate and improve your personal performance on a continual basis

8.4.         Quality Systems

·         Apply hotel quality assurance principles

8.5.         Comply with all Hotel and Corporate Guidelines

·         Abide by the Jiading Sheraton Code of Conduct

·         Abide by the Jiading Sheraton Employee Handbook

·         Abide by both the Hotel and Starwood policies and procedures

8.6.         Communication

·         Interact with department and hotel staff in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication

·         Deal effectively with guests and workplace colleagues from a variety of cultures

·         Work effectively in a team

8.7.         Administration Procedures

·         Prepare and maintain files, reports, letters, memorandums and other relevant business documentation

·         Ensure all reporting and servicing deadlines are met on a timely basis

8.8.         Other Tasks

Carry out other tasks as directed by your supervisors



Good command of English language.

Course on Chemical Usage and control environmental friendly waste disposal courses.

Operating equipment knowledge.

Computer operation and familiarity with some software packages, including Spreadsheet programs.