Marriott 职业

Director of Sales 销售总监

西安, 中国


职位发布 Jul 10, 2018
职位编号 180008W7
工作类别 销售和市场营销
地点 西安萬麗酒店, 西安, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 万丽酒店及度假酒店
编制 全职
职位类型 管理人员




  1. Conduct Sales Activities


    1. Visit and entertain all key accounts regularly
    2. Oversee the planning of sales call of the proactive sales team.
    3. Ensure all enquires are handled by the reactive sales team promptly and efficiently.
    4. Meet with in-house guests to build relationship and to obtain guest comments.
    5. Meet with key banquet customers to build relationship.
    6. Be proactive in obtaining sales leads from various sources such as newspaper, internet, TV etc. and assign sales associates to follow up on the leads.
    7. Work all efforts with team to deliver set goals and to achieve monthly/yearly set revenue targets.


  1. Account Management


    1. To ensure that all information related to all accounts are recorded in Opera S&C and filed accordingly, and to maintain the accuracy of information in the systems.
    2. Assist all sales associates in the set up on strategies and tactics for each account and to ensure that the planned actions are followed up.
    3. Conduct account review and account audit to check on the information obtained for each of the accounts.
    4. Review Call Reports to ensure that all accounts are properly managed.
    5. Ensure that sales call plan is set up by all sales associates and the plan is efficiently used.
    6. Participate in setting up sales targets for all sales associates.


  1. Sales Strategy Planning


    1. Attend weekly Sales Strategy Meeting to share information on competitors’ activities, customer feedback and other market intelligence.
    2. Assist DOM in setting up pricing for all market segments and the pricing for catering.
    3. Regularly review the effectiveness of the Sales Strategy and make recommendations for changes if required.  


  1. Train and develop all sales associates


    1. Coach and counsel all associates to ensure timely rectification of performance
    2. Derive SMART development plan for each associate to fortify strengths and overcome weaknesses. (SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)
    3. Set up clear guidelines and expectation for each associate and follow up on the progress
    4. Conduct on the job training to all associates by arranging joint calls with sales associates and review with them their performance during the sales call.
    5. Ensure that all sales associates are conducting business according to the Marriott set guidelines.
    6. Conduct regular performance review for sales associates and keep written record for future follow up.
    7. To review and update all LSOPs related to sales operation whenever necessary.


  1. Fully utilize all Marriott Resources


    1. Ensure all sales associates cross sell sister properties when the hotel product does not fit into customers’ requirements or when customers have potential for other properties.
    2. Constant communication with market sales, alliance account team and GSOs to discuss on needs of the hotel and to ensure full coverage of all accounts.
    3. Make good use of Marriott Rewards as a key sales tool.
    4. Work closely with the other sales teams in the cluster to share marketing information, discuss on account servicing issues and cooperation.


  1. Prepare periodic reports


    1. Assist DOM and Revenue Manager in preparing periodic reports for record of sales activities and market analysis.


  1. Business / Marketing Plan


    1. Participate in the preparation of Business / Marketing Plan and to ensure that all strategies are backed up with appropriate tactics.
    2. Produce periodic action plan based on the Business Plan and ensure that the sales team is conducting business according to the set objectives.


  1. Office Etiquette & Business Ethics


    1. Ensure that all sales associates are properly dressed in uniform or business attire and the general appearance are according to the hotel standard.
    2. Make certain that all sales associates are conducting business accordingly to the Marriott guidelines and local law.
    3. In charge of the overall conduct of the sales team such as telephone handling, punctuality, compliance to the hotel rules, regulations and LSOPs.


  1. Coordination with other departments and session
    1. To ensure a smooth liaison between the sales team with other departments.
    2. To take the initiative to act on any conflict or problems in a constructive manner.