Marriott 职业

Income Auditor 日审主管

西安, 中国


职位发布 Jul 03, 2018
职位编号 180008VM
工作类别 财务与会计
地点 西安萬麗酒店, 西安, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 万丽酒店及度假酒店
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工


Specific Duties 工作任務


1.     To check the previous day Night Manager Process is properly completed, ledgers are balanced, system date changed, reports are generated and distributed to designated associates.

检查前一天夜审程序正确完整的执行, 各帐目平衡,系统时间更改, 报表生成并发送到各相关人员


2.     To investigate and report to Operation Accountant any discrepancies during the Night Manager process.



3.     To review the various reports on room operations, such as room rates, occupancy etc.Investigate and check supporting documents for rate differences; approvals for house-use rooms and complimentary rooms.

检查各客房运作报告, 例如房费, 入住率等, 调查并检查相关原始凭证关于比率差异, 内部使用客房及免费房的批准


4.     To verify all voided checks, rebates and discounts are properly approved.

确认作废帐单, 免单和折扣得到适当批准



5.     To investigate all open food & beverage items and price changes. Discuss with restaurant managers on corrective actions.

调查所有公开食品和酒水项目及价格变化, 与餐厅经理探讨更正措施


6.     To verify Opera report of restaurant and lounge revenue and payment details tie to the Micros Point of Sales system records.

确认FIDELIO餐厅和大堂吧收入 报告和付款明细与收银系统记录一致


7.     To verify the F&B revenue to supporting documents such as event order, wedding package, tour group meal order etc.

确认餐饮收入有相关凭证支持.如宴会定单, 婚宴一揽子计划,旅游团用餐定单


8.     To check all house-use and entertainment checks are authorized and recorded.




9.     To verify the revenue of minor department.




10.  To compile and distribute Daily Gross Revenue Report, summaries, schedules etc. according to the format and information required by the Management.




11.  To prepare all accounting records including journal entries as required.




12.  To file and maintain proper records for reference and audit.



13.  Others


a.   To respond to the changes in department functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.



b.   To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationships with all hotel associates.



c.   To have a complete understanding of the hotel associate handbook and to adhere to the regulations contained therein.



d.   To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene.



e.   To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.