Marriott 职业

Bell Boy/Door Man 行李员/门僮

上海, 中国


职位发布 Jan 04, 2018
职位编号 17001LDH
工作类别 客房和宾客服务运营
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 万丽酒店及度假酒店
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工



  1. Greet and welcome guest arriving and leaving hotel.向入住的宾客问好致意。
  2. Assist guests in carrying baggage upon their arrival and departure.为到达和离开的宾客搬运行李。
  3. Load and unload baggage from baggage truck.从车上装卸行李。
  4. Collect group baggage according to specified time.按照指定的时间收取团队行李。
  5. Deliver group baggage according to the assigned rooms.按照分配好的房间运送团队行李。
  6. Do not use guest lifts to transfer baggage unless it is necessary.在没有特殊情况下不得使用客梯。
  7. Show arriving guest to the Front desk to register and escort guest to the room assigned.指引宾客去前台,陪同宾客去房间。
  8. Shows guest how to operate the facilities inside the guest room.向宾客介绍如何使用房间内的设备。
  9. Extend hospitality comments to guests leaving the Hotel.在宾客离店时表示谢意。
  10. Page guest in the lobby and adjacent area as required.在大堂及其他场所提供寻人服务。
  11. Assist guest in changing room.帮助宾客换房。
  12. Be in charge of the baggage room and keep proper records of in and out baggage.负责行李房安全,记录行李交接情况。
  13. Responsible to keep work areas neat and tidy.保持工作区域干净整洁。
  14. Take care of equipment in use.注意设备的使用。
  15. Call taxis upon a guest’s request.为宾客叫出租车。
  16. Book restaurant reservations for guests.为宾客预订酒店和餐厅。
  17. Arrange sightseeing tour.为宾客介绍旅游。
  18. Assist in delivery of parcels, envelopes, newspaper and concerned matters within the Hotel.发送包裹,信件及报纸。
  19. Run errands for the Front Office and Executive Office.服从前厅经理及行政办的指示。
  20. Hoist flags at the Hotel entrance as required.负责升旗工作。
  21. Answer guest inquires and refer to the personnel/section for further information.回答宾客的问题,为宾客提供详细的信息。
  22. Be highly familiar with all emergency procedures and evacuation plans.熟悉紧急程序及逃生图。
  23. Maintain and enforce all Marriott service Standards.严格执行万豪集团标准。
  24. Ensure that Guest Response Process is in place and all follow-up calls are made.确保执行“宾客投诉处理程序”,及时反馈。
  25. Act empowered by using the compensation guidelines.接受并执行“赔偿方案”。
  26. Wear proper and clean uniforms at all times. Comply with grooming standards.  保持制服整洁,遵守仪容仪表标准。