Marriott 职业

Guest Service Manager 宾客服务经理

上海, 中国


职位发布 Mar 01, 2018
职位编号 1700194S
工作类别 客房和宾客服务运营
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, 上海, 中国 在地图中查看
品牌 万丽酒店及度假酒店
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工

  1. Attend and assist with monthly department meetings.出席及协调做每月的部门会议.
  2. Ensure all guest incident forms and logs are completely filled out and maintained. If computer tracking is used, monitor this recording also..保证客人的事件问题表完全的填妥并解决. 如果有电脑的追踪报告,一定要有记录.
  3. Ensure all guests indicating on their in room comment card that they wish to discuss their stay further or that they will not return to this property are contacted by phone or letter.保证每个客人指出的意见问题被重视并讨论解决,否则客人将不会下次再来选择回来住.
  4. Route associate commendations received from guests to the person responsible for assembling the daily communication packet.
  1. Additional Responsibilities 附加的职责
  2. Responsible to handle all guest requests and to solve any guest complaints.有责任去处理任何客人的需求及解决客人的投诉.
  3. Ensure that the Hospitality and the Guest Response Programs are being followed and monitored. Be familiar with cultural differences to meet guest’s specific needs and requirements.保证殷勤款客及客人事件的处理被跟踪及监督. 熟悉客人的文化差异所带来的特殊需求.
  4. Have PMS and MARSHA skills, be able to check in and check out and to handle reservation when needed in Marsha.要有PMS及MARSHA的系统技巧,要会做登记,退房及订房程序.
  5. Be very knowledgeable about the rooms and their locations, services and facilities of the hotel.非常清楚的了解酒店的房间及分布情况,服务及设备.
  6. Know how to offer and arrange car rental, airline and train tickets, office services, beauty and barber services, baby sitting and arranging presents, repairs and shopping for the guests.了解怎样帮客人安排租车服务,机票及火车票的预定,办公室服务,美容及美发的服务,婴儿服务,安排礼物及帮助客人购物的服务.
  7. Maintain the Repeat Guest Program, the Marriott Rewards Member and the VIP program. Ensure that the above-mentioned clientele are receiving the type of service they are deserve and follow up with guest relations to ensure that all request are carried out.做好回头客的程序,万豪礼赏会员及重要贵宾的程序。 保证这些客人的任何需求都被重视及完成的很好.
  8. Be able to handle emergencies. Be trained in these procedures and be able to act upon them.要处理紧急事件. 受过正规的培训及在发生紧急情况下及时处理.
  9. Responsible for appearance and behavior of associate. Ensure compliance with grooming standards. Live all grooming standards by example.有责任督促员工的仪表仪容及行为。 保证依照仪表仪容的标准。
  10. Supervise the areas of lobby, main entrance, guest relations and concierge lounge to assist, help, train, coach and counsel.检查帮助,培训及指导大堂区域,出入口,宾客关系和行政酒廊.
  11. Complete and initiate special projects in a timely manner and within due dates.及时的完成特别的计划方案.
  12. Check information board daily, be informed and seek for additional information.检查每天的信息板,寻找及告知附加的信息.
  13. Assist in handling problems in Food and Beverage outlets and refer the incidents to the respective manager.协助各个餐厅解决问题并通知相关的经理.
  14. Conduct floor patrol to ensure that all are in order.做好巡逻工作以确保一切正常.
  15. Report areas that need repair and maintenance.及时的报告需要维修及保养的地方.
  • Ensure efficient provision of front desk service by check in and escort VIP guests courteously and efficiently, co-ordinate check in of special categories of guest, follow up on special check-out procedures for VIP guest, handle express check out when required, assist in maintaining the free flow of guest in the lobby by helping out guest with their check in when situation required.确保前台员工有效的登记每位客人并带重要贵宾去房间,做好特殊级别客人的登记,做好重要贵宾的特别退房手续,处理好客人需要的特快退房手续,在大堂照看好客人在登记入住时的特别需求.
  1. Handle lost and found items, drill open of safe deposit box, paid out, rebate, room discrepancy, etc.处理好失物招领的物品,开保险箱,现金支出,减免,房间差异等等.
  2. Ensure that log books, handovers and checklists are well maintained.
  1. Be knowledgeable about Marriott Rewards and Frequent Flyer Programs.清楚的了解万豪礼赏及航空里程的计划.
  2. Keep good relations with customers and write up guest contact reports for the attention of the Management.
  1. Assist in handling guests when other sections are busy.
  1. Create a productive and positive atmosphere, have a good relationship with all associates and other departments.
  1. Ensure immediate and prompt guest attention to all guest concerns and complaints.确保直接及迅速的解决客人的担忧及投诉.
  2. Responsible for resolution of problems and follow up with the guest within 10 minutes to ensure satisfaction.有责任在10分钟内帮助客人解决问题.
  3. Develop friendly conversation with guests and obtain feedback from them and reflect to department concerned.与客人有友好的会谈以获得客人的反馈意见.
  4. Be Familiar with the hotel emergency procedures and to ensure maximum safety of guest and employees in case of emergencies.熟悉酒店的紧急情况操作程序以确保酒店员工及客人最大限度的安全.
  5. Contact VIP Guests on a regular basis during their stay, - all arrivals each evening, - all long stayers once a week to see if they need anything special.与重要贵宾沟通在他们的入住期间,-所有到店的可以晚上沟通, -长住客可以一周联系客人一次询问特别需求.
  6. Communicate on a daily basis with sales and the executive office for VIPs.与销售部及行政办公室沟通每天的重要贵宾到店.
  7. VIP rooms blocking, ordering gifts, check gifts, check rooms, welcome VIPs and guidance to the rooms.重要贵宾房间的分配,礼物分配,检查礼物,房间,迎接重要贵宾去房间.
  8. Ensure all associates working at night are indeed on duty.确保每位夜班同事都真正的在工作.
  9. Supervise all operations i.e. security, housekeeping, etc in the hotel during the night.监督所有的营运部门在晚间的工作包括保安部,客房部等等.
  10. Check that all work areas are neat and clean at night.检查晚上所有的工作区域保持整洁及干净.
  11. Represent Hotel Management at night by maintaining at a high standard of services.代表酒店的管理层来确保晚间的高标准的服务.