Marriott 职业

Seretary 秘书

上海, 中国


职位发布 Nov 28, 2017
职位编号 17000PAX
工作类别 行政
地点 上海明捷万丽酒店, 上海, 上海 在地图中查看
品牌 Renaissance Hotels
编制 全职
职位类型 非管理人员/小时工




The secretary of director of F&B is to assist the director food and beverage with administration and smooth running of whole F&B department, responsible for adhering to all Marriott standard operating procedures and policy.


Major Responsabilities:

  1. To assist Director of F&B with the F&B administrative functions as well as provide secretarial service to Director of F&B.
  2. 提供行政及秘书支持。
  3. Attends and prepare minutes for F&B weekly meetings.
  4. 参加每周餐饮部会议并做记录
  5. Read and routes incoming email.
  6. 阅读并传达邮件的相关信息。
  7. Locates and attaches appropriates file correspondence to be answered by director F&B. Translate if necessary.
  8. 将所有餐饮部的文件做恰当的整理,以被餐饮总监查阅,如有必要进行中英文翻译
  9. Greet visitors, answer the phone call and pass the information to the related associate.
  10. 招待来访人员,接听电话,并将信息传达到相关人员。
  11. Monitors and maintains the proper cleanliness and appearance of F&B office area.
  12. 检查和维护餐饮部办公室的清洁和整洁。
  13. Maintain positive guest and colleague interaction with good working relationships.
  14. 与客人和同事建立良好的相互合作的工作关系。
  15. Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  16. 执行分配的其他各项工作。