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Sr. Application Support Analyst, Mainframe TPF Change Control

Bethesda, Maryland
Information Technology

Job Description

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Posting Date Jun 27, 2018
Job Number 18001OEV
Job Category Information Technology
Location Marriott International HQ, Bethesda, Maryland VIEW ON MAP
Brand Corporate
Schedule Full-time
Relocation? No
Position Type Management

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Senior Support Analyst assists Change Control team for all Program and Systems changes in the zTPF environment, accountable for overseeing, executing and enforcing all change management procedures and SDLC processes for the MARSHA production environment and the main Test Systems.


The Change Control team is accountable for overseeing, executing and enforcing all change management procedures and SDLC processes for the MARSHA production environment and the main Test Systems. They are also responsible for modifying and implementing updates to TPF systems tables and supporting configuration databases together with SDLC support infrastructure controls. There are over 650 Production Load Releases per year for the Production MARSHA system.

Education and Experience
  • 3+ years’ experience in zTPF and/or related mainframe technology
  • 3+ years experience in Technical Production Control support role
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office Products MS Word, Excel and Access
  • 2 years experience in Operational support of zTPF systems
  • 2 years experience of using zVM / Zlinux mainframe infrastructure
  • Technical certifications
  • Technical leadership experience in a sourced environment


  • Process Work Requests from others groups such as:  Program load requests, FACE table requests, RIAT table requests, SERRC number requests, SNAPC number requests, Online error message table requests, Global field and table requests, Program allocator table requests.
  • Process e-mail correspondence. This includes approval notes for each and every Program, Ticket or Project to be loaded to Production zTPF. Also includes communication to all groups supported by Change Control, i.e. zTPF applications, zTPF Operations, zTPF Coverage, zTPF Systems, MARSHA Help Desk, etc.
  • Prepare and distribute three reports weekly: the MARSHA Load Notes, the Load Status report, and the Load Schedule report. Prepare and send out notification to all responsible testers each time a ticket is loaded or reloaded to the test system so that the tester will be aware when the software is changed.
  • Build and tests all image loads for the test and production systems. Image loads are done to the TPFRES1 tests system every other week, and to production zTPF every other month.
  • Responsible for loading all software to both the TPFRES1 and TPFRES5 test systems. This includes tracking what software versions are at which point in the Development Life Cycle.
  • Schedules, prepares and is responsible for the integrity of all new software introduced to the zTPF production system.
  • Actively participates in every Restore that is done to the TPFRES1 and TPFRES5 test systems. Track tickets and projects currently being tested and make sure that they are reintroduced to the test system following each restore. This often includes making sure that any record initializations or ticket or project implementation scripts are run at the appropriate time following the restore.
  • Assists in straight-forward programming assignments such as removing conditional assembly code in Program Source Files or changing programs so that they conform to new IBM and/or Marriott standards for programming.
  • Maintains statistical databases containing information on all program loads done to the zTPF production system which is then used for annual Internal Audits of the Reservations System eco-system.
  • Supports callers from all the groups (as mentioned above) via a single support telephone number and eMail Inbox.
  • Maintains the source and object code files for the zTPF systems software is stored on a dedicated zLinux System. Change Control is the owner (via programmtica security for separation of duties) and is responsible for all the zTPF production source, macro, and object libraries. Monitor and manage these libraries, expands them, compresses them, adds  new directory blocks, etc. as necessary. Maintains all of the JCL, Execs and processes used to compile, assemble and load zTPF programs under zLinux.
  • Responsible for tracking the zTPF PUT releases provided by IBM fo the zTPF Systems Group.
  • Publishes a weekly management report detailing the zTPF Production system Dump statistics from the previous week.
  • Responsible for setups for all zVM and MARV UserIDs.
  • Support governance based on best practices and ensure proper alignment to projects and major initiatives
  • Supoort analysis of the current environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement.
  • Define, design, implement and promote standard configuration and change management, processes and practices.
  • Trains and/or mentors other team members, and peers as appropriate
  • Identifies opportunities to enhance the service delivery processes
  • Follows all defined IT standards and processes (i.e. IT Governance, SM&G, Architecture, etc.), and provides input for improvements to the appropriate process owners as needed
  • Maintains a proper balance between business and operational risk
  • Makes short term plans for the team to effectively utilize resources
  • Monitors Service Provider outcomes
  • Facilitates timely resolution of service delivery problems and minimizes the impact to clients
  • Communication - Conveys information and ideas to others in a convincing and engaging manner through a variety of methods.
  • Leading Through Vision and Values - Keeps the organization's vision and values at the forefront of employee decision making and action.
  • Managing Change - Initiates and/or manages the change process and energizes it on an ongoing basis, taking steps to remove barriers or accelerate its pace; serves as role model for how to handle change by maintaining composure and performance level under pressure or when experiencing challenges.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making - Identifies and understands issues, problems, and opportunities; obtains and compares information from different sources to draw conclusions, develops and evaluates alternatives and solutions, solves problems, and chooses a course of action.
  • Professional Demeanor - Exhibits behavioral styles that convey confidence and command respect from others; makes a good first impression and represents the company in alignment with its values.
  • Strategy Development - Develops business plans by exploring and systematically evaluating opportunities with the greatest potential for producing positive results; ensures successful preparation and execution of business plans through effective planning, organizing, and on-going evaluation processes.
Managing Execution
  • Building a Successful Team - Uses an effective interpersonal style to build a cohesive team; inspires and sustains team cohesion and engagement by focusing the team on its mission and importance to the organization.
  • Strategy Execution – Ensures successful execution across of business plans designed to maximize customer satisfaction, profitability, and market share through effective planning, organizing, and on-going evaluation processes.
  • Driving for Results - Sets high standards of performance for self and/or others; assumes responsibility for work objectives; initiates, focuses, and monitors the efforts of self and/or others toward the accomplishment goals; proactively takes action and goes beyond what is required.
Building Relationships
  • Customer Relationships - Develops and sustains relationships based on an understanding of customer/stakeholder needs and actions consistent with the company’s service standards.
  • Global Mindset - Supports employees and business partners with diverse styles, abilities, motivations, and/or cultural perspectives; utilizes differences to drive innovation, engagement and enhance business results; and ensures employees are given the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Develops collaborative relationships with fellow employees and business partners by making them feel valued, appreciated, and included; explores partnership opportunities with other people in and outside the organization; influences and leverages corporate and continental shared services and/or discipline leaders (e.g., HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Revenue Management) to achieve objectives; maintains effective external relations with government, business and industry in respective countries; performs effectively as a liaison between locations, disciplines, and corporate to ensure needed resources are received and corporate strategies are understood and executed.
Generating Talent and Organizational Capability
  • Developing Others - Supports the development of other’s skills and capabilities so that they can fulfill current or future job/role responsibilities more effectively.
  • Organizational Capability - Evaluates and adapts the structure of assignments and work processes to best fit the needs and/or support the goals of an organizational unit.
Learning and Applying Professional Expertise
  • Continuous Learning - Actively identifies new areas for learning; regularly creates and takes advantage of learning opportunities; uses newly gained knowledge and skill on the job and learns through their application.
  • Technical Acumen - Understanding and utilizing professional skills and knowledge in a specific functional area to conduct and manage everyday business operations and generate innovative solutions to approach function-specific work challenges
    • Technical Intelligence: Knowledge and ability to define and apply appropriate technology to enhance business process
    • Development Methodologies: Knowledge of general stages of SDLC framework and the application tiers within the development space.
    • Information Security: Knowledge of the security considerations relevant within the development space, including industry best practices related to information security
  • Business Acumen - Understands and utilizes business information to manage everyday operations and generate innovative solutions to approach business and administrative challenges.
  • Basic Competencies - Fundamental competencies required for accomplishing basic work activities.
    • Basic Computer Skills - Using basic computer hardware and software (e.g., personal computers, word processing software, Internet browsers, etc.).
    • Mathematical Reasoning  - The ability to add, subtract, multiply, or divide quickly, correctly, and in a way that allows one to solve work-related issues.
    • Oral Comprehension - The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
    • Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
    • Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.

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