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Guangzhou, China

Job Description

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Posting Date Jan 22, 2018
Job Number 17002S14
Job Category Administrative
Location China Area Reservations, Guangzhou, China VIEW ON MAP
Brand Corporate
Schedule Full-time
Position Type Non-Management/Hourly

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Maintain content for and its international websites using the content management system. This role liaises with and takes direction from the Content Management team in the eCommerce Department at Corporate. Responds to inquiries from content stakeholders and website users regarding content and functionality of Marriott websites.




·         Maintains and updates existing content on and its international sites using the Vignette content management system

·         Receives most work in the form of PSS tickets through Rational ClearQuest, the system currently used for tracking site defects.  Works tickets based on the established priority (1,2,3,or 4) and follows the protocol for updating the tickets to the proper state when the work is performed.

·         Responds to inquiries from content stakeholders and website users regarding content and functionality of their respective sections of the Marriott web sites

·         Works within the metadata structure of to create metadata entries for each new element on the site

·         Conducts quality assurance on personal and others’ work to ensure the site meets quality standards, including visual and functional QA and proofreading

·         Ensures all updates made on adhere to the current style guide and glossary

·         Ensures adherence to branding guidelines and marketing objectives

·         Implements Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content entries

·         Follows established processes for making updates to content on to ensure there are no incidents involving missing or garbled content on the pages being updated

·         Maintains Marriott’s highest standards for quality focusing on both content and presentation

·         Exercises independent discretion and judgment when modifying content instances on

·         Follows established escalation procedures when unable to resolve or implement the requested content change

·         Meets or exceeds individual service levels, targets and team goals

·         Participates in other critical areas within the ICC department, as needed, including responding to routine emails and telephone inquiries

·         Performs a variety of duties the associate is capable of as directed by Management




Communication Skills

Possess exceptional writing skills in order to provide well-written, accurate, and courteous email responses to customers.


Adaptability and Stress Tolerance

Able to work productively and effectively when faced with stressful work situations and time pressures.

Able to understand and utilize all available resources and processes to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of required tasks.


Contributing to Teams

Able to relate well to people from diverse backgrounds.  This includes being cooperative, approachable and taking time to listen to and address others’ questions or concerns; treating others with kindness, respect and dignity.

Ability to operate as a member of a team and a willingness to contribute to the team and assist others when required.


Customer Relationships

Ability to understand and recognize customer needs quickly and respond to those needs in a courteous and professional manner.

Possess strong comprehension skills, which allow for the clear and concise explanation and understanding of customer questions and issues.

Takes ownership of customer issues or problems and takes action to bring a quick resolution


Problem Solving and Decision Making

Ability to assemble facts and accurately make a determination as to what action needs to be initiated to achieve resolution of customer inquiries.

Is able to recognize and resolve problems.  Seeks, examines and interprets information from different sources to determine cause and develop solutions.


Time Management

Ability to perform multiple tasks and efficiently organize work based on business conditions.

Manages time to be sure the priority of the activities determines the amount of time and attention received.  Includes coordinating activities to maximize productivity, keeping focused on the priorities for the day/


Sales Support

Supports sales and marketing activities.  Is knowledgeable of basic sales concepts and techniques such as overcoming objections, up-selling, focusing on revenue, etc.

Critical Competencies

Personal Attributes
*  Integrity
*  Dependability
*  Positive Demeanor
*  Presentation
*  Initiative
*  Stress Tolerance
*  Adaptability/Flexibility

Interpersonal Skills
*  Team Work
* Customer Service Orientation
*  Diversity Relations

*  Telephone Etiquette Skills
*  English Language Proficiency
*  Communication
*  Writing
*  Listening
*  Applied Reading

*  Detail Orientation
*  Multi-Tasking
*  Time Management
*  Planning and Organizing

Analytical Skills
*  Computer Skills

*  Learning

*  Problem Solving Skills

General Administration

*  Filing

*  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)






   1.          5 or less occurrences/2 Notifications or less.

   2.          No active written warnings in the last year.

   3.          At least a P or above on last performance review.

   4.          No written warnings or counseling on file for non-servicing, negative interaction or professional demeanor within the last 12 months.


*Support associates must remain in position for 6 months prior to being eligible to post for other positions.  This position is considered a support position.